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Starscream ist ein Decepticon, der sich in einen F Raptor Jet transformieren kann. Starscream. Read Angst vor Starscream from the story Transformers: Alone under Decepticons by Neko_Bot with reads. transformers, prime, wattys Nojikos Pov. Diese Studio Serie 06 Voyager Starscream Figur lässt sich in 26 Schritten vom Roboter in einen Jet verwandeln und kommt mit einem Accessoire. Die Kulisse.

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Starscream ist eine fiktive Figur in den vielen Kontinuitäten im Transformers-Franchise. Er ist eine der am häufigsten vorkommenden Figuren in der fiktiven Arbeit von Transformers und tritt in fast allen Kontinuitäten des Transformers-Franchise. Starscream ist ein Decepticon, der sich in einen F Raptor Jet transformieren kann. Starscream. Starscream ist ein Decepticon und der Stellvertreter und rechte Hand des obersten Kommandanten. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für Spielzeug: "transformers figuren starscream". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt. Top-Angebote für Starscream Transformer- & Roboter-Action - & -Spielfiguren online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige. Many translated example sentences containing "starscream" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Diese Studio Serie 06 Voyager Starscream Figur lässt sich in 26 Schritten vom Roboter in einen Jet verwandeln und kommt mit einem Accessoire. Die Kulisse.


Many translated example sentences containing "starscream" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. From Flame Toys. Introducing the 2nd entry of the Furai Model series: Starscream​! The model is 5 7/8" tall and was designed by famous 3D modelin. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Transformers Starscream, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. Starscream

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Death of megatron,birth of Galvatron,Death of Starscream😀 Revoltech Yamaguchi No. Zur Marie-Antoinette Actionfiguren. Seitennummerierung - Seite 1 Linsen Rezept Jamie Oliver 2. Beast Wars. Transformer Toy Series Alle ansehen. EUR 13,00 Versand. It is perfect for professional modelers to make their own paint job. EUR 5,00 Versand. Vhs Film Alle ansehen. Combine Wars. Starscream From Flame Toys. Introducing the 2nd entry of the Furai Model series: Starscream​! The model is 5 7/8" tall and was designed by famous 3D modelin. Read Angst vor Starscream from the story Transformers: Alone under Decepticons by Neko_Bot with reads. transformers, prime, wattys Nojikos Pov. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Transformers Starscream, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal.

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The rest of the Seekers are Thundercracker and Skywarp. Instead of being the leader of the Decepticons, he does lead the rest of the Seekers. The Seekers are Decepticons that all share the same Jet mode, but their color schemes are different.

In the Animated series, Starscream has the ability to clone himself. He has used some of his clones to trick the Autobots by tricking them into capturing the clone Starscreams, and not the actual Starscream.

In the same act, one of the clones was a bomb set to blow up when Megatron was there.. All of his clones represent parts of starscreams personality.

They also have different color schemes: Ramjet - Lier Slipstream - Impatient intelligience is what I'm guessing, if not, Starscream's bitch side , lmao.

Skywarp - Coward Sunstorm - Suck up This is why he's Megatron's bitch Thundercracker - Ego maniac Why he still tries to overthrow Megatron after 5 seconds of being ass-kicked by Megatron Thrust - Jealousy That pretty much sums up Starscream's personality.

Starscream is the leader of the Seekers. The sexiest Transformer you will ever meet. Second-in-command for the Decepticons , making him even sexier than before.

I scream , you scream , we all scream, for Starscream! Starscream is a whiny, screechy , egotistical, backstabbing git of a Transformer.

Despite this, if you were to show a picture of him to any given female transfan , she will, without fail, melt into a squealing puddle of fangirlish glee.

Use this tactic wisely. Starscream is a traitor, even among the Decepticons. Starscream is the singular weakness of pretty much all Transformers fangirls, including the writer of this entry.

Eee-o eleven UrbDic Rush B Cyka Blyat Pimp Nails Backpedaling Anol Wetter than an otter's pocket Following the disappearance of Skyfire when the two were exploring a prehistoric Earth, Starscream returned to Cybertron and soon abandoned his scientific pursuits, becoming a warrior in Megatron 's Decepticon army as the civil war exploded.

Starscream makes use of his old scientist profession in a few episodes. For example, in "A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court", when he and several other Decepticons were temporarily displaced in time to medieval England, the weapons of the Transformers ceased functioning; Starscream knew how to use available materials to create gunpowder as a substitute for himself and the other Decepticons.

In "Starscream's Brigade", he attempts—in what was then only his latest in a series of attempts—to overthrow Megatron as the leader of Decepticons.

After being defeated and exiled in Guadalcanal , Starscream finds the remains of some World War II military vehicles, which inspire him to create an army of his own.

He travels to Cybertron using the Space Bridge, forcing the guards and eluding Shockwave to do so. He breaks into the Decepticon Detention Center and steals the five personality components of Renegade Decepticons, then installs them into five wrecked military vehicles and they become the Combaticons.

The Combaticons who combine to form Bruticus and Starscream then capture four Transformers. When Megatron rallies his troops except the Stunticons against Starscream and the Combaticons, he deploys Devastator to fight Bruticus, but Devastator is defeated.

Megatron attempts to retreat, however Starscream orders Bruticus to capture Megatron and hold him while he gloats and humiliates him.

While this is going on, the Stunticons arrive, combine into Menasor and defeat Bruticus. Megatron then orders Astrotrain to exile Starscream and the Combaticons to a distant asteroid.

In the next episode, "The Revenge of Bruticus", the Combaticons blame Starscream for their punishment.

They imprison him on Cybertron after he abandons them, and plan a devastating revenge on Megatron by pulling the Earth towards the Sun using Cybertron's controls.

After proving his worth in helping Megatron and Optimus Prime who teamed up to prevent the Earth from meeting its doom stop the deranged Bruticus, Starscream gets restored to Decepticon ranks and Megatron reprograms Bruticus to obey only him.

After the Decepticons' defeat, they retreat in Astrotrain. In order to reduce Astrotrain's mass, the Decepticons were left with no choice but to jettison the heavily damaged Skywarp , Thundercracker and Insecticons into space, and Starscream tosses Megatron, whom Optimus Prime mortally wounded, out of Astrotrain.

After that he nominates himself as the new leader of Decepticons. However, during a grandiose coronation ceremony, Megatron, who has been reborn as Galvatron alongside Cyclonus , Scourge and the Sweeps, arrives, declares the coronation a "bad comedy".

Starscream had barely a moment to realize that Galvatron was once Megatron, and Galvatron transforms into laser cannon mode, destroying Starscream with a single shot.

However, while Starscream's body has been disintegrated, his "spark" remains as a ghost and returns later. In "Starscream's Ghost", he is encountered by his old friend Octane in the Decepticon Crypt and conspires with him to hand Galvatron over to Rodimus Prime , the new leader of the Autobots.

Starscream possesses Cyclonus's body and tricks Galvatron into being captured by the Autobots, however Galvatron escapes, returns and shoots Cyclonus, not aware that his second-in-command has been possessed by Starscream's ghost.

The vengeful ghost easily escapes and re-appears in an additional episode, "Ghost in the Machine". In the episode, he first appears possessing Scourge and reactivates the head of Unicron.

Starscream then makes a deal with Unicron to restore the latter's sight and body by stealing the eyes of Metroplex and transformation cog of Trypticon , and wiring Unicron's head to Cybertron.

Starscream successfully accomplishes most of this, however, when he can no longer possess Scourge, he demands that Unicron restore his own, original body so that he can complete the connections.

Unicron complies and again demands that Starscream complete the connections, only to have Starscream double-cross him and tell him to "do it himself".

At this point, the Autobots set off an explosion that blows Unicron's head and Starscream out into space.

As Starscream tumbles out of control, he encounters the Decepticons who unleash all of their firepower on him, damaging him and pushing him farther into space.

Starscream is not encountered again in G1. In the episode "Possessed", He takes control of Waspinator's body following a lightning storm.

Starscream claims that he had been killed in battle defending Galvatron from Unicron, and pledges his allegiance to the Predacon leader Megatron.

In reality, he was destroyed by Galvatron, and plots to usurp Megatron and take control of the Predacons.

He captures the Maximal base, and later holds Optimus Primal and Dinobot hostage, ordering the Maximals to attack the Predacon base in exchange for their safety.

He is defeated by the combined efforts of the Maximals and Blackarachnia, freeing Waspinator's body, and sending Starcream's ghost hurtling back into the depths of space.

Like the Decepticon air commander who came before him, Starscream is both ambitious and deadly. He makes up for his lack of size with unmatched speed and maneuverability.

He hopes to one day dethrone Galvatron as the Predacon emperor of destruction and rule the universe himself.

He is also slightly effeminate, often laughing and gesturing in a shaky way. When transformed Starscream becomes a stealth fighter capable of soaring at very high speed.

In fighter mode he can use the "Formation Scream" and combine with his loyal partner BB to become a powerful air fighter, in which Starscream forms the rear of the combination.

In robot mode his attack of choice are his "Screamwinder Missiles" which are strong enough to vaporize most opponents. Starscream, during an assassination attempt, accidentally turned Megastorm into Gigastorm.

As Hellscream, he has the beast mode of a cyborg shark, whilst Max B transforms into a cyborg wolf. Hellscream is last seen escaping the exploding Nemesis with Max B and Gigastorm.

The Starscream of the "Unicron Trilogy" universe has gone through many notable changes in his personality as his story has progressed. At times he is quite similar to his G1 predecessor, but on many other occasions has displayed markedly different traits to his namesake.

In "Armada", Starscream was a young arrogant warrior who desperately wished to gain the approval and respect of his leader Megatron in contrast of his G1 counterpart , but started to become confused as he started to hate both himself and his commander for the abuse heaped upon him as well as being disgusted with his leader's lack of honor and respect over his troops.

He originally came to Earth as part of Megatron's expedition to gain the power of the Mini-Cons alongside Demolishor and Cyclonus.

However, Starscream's frustration over having been made the last of the Decepticons to gain his partner Mini-Con led him to be manipulated by Sideways into battling with Megatron, which he lost.

During his time with the Autobots, he formed a surprisingly close friendship with the human Alexis. However, Thrust eventually manipulated Starscream into rejoining the Decepticons, though Starscream still vowed to destroy Megatron.

During the Unicron Battles, Starscream was one of the five Cybertronians who received a power boost from the Mini-Cons, giving him a new blue color scheme that makes him look like Thundercracker.

Despite having the original G1 Thundercracker color scheme, Starscream was never renamed into the fellow seeker, but had stated "I look like Thundercracker" when he gained the new body colors.

When Thrust was ousted as a servant of Unicron, Starscream reunited with Alexis and gave chase, though he ultimately failed to catch him. When Megatron, now calling himself "Galvatron", refused to acknowledge the existence of Unicron and the potential threat he carried, Starscream challenged his leader to a duel and allowed him to stab him in the chest with the Star Saber.

After a final sendoff with Galvatron, the seeker pulled the Star Saber out of his chest, exposing his spark, and fired on Unicron directly, only for the Chaos Bringer to fire a bolt of lightning that completely disintegrated Starscream, killing him.

Starscream's death ultimately convinced Galvatron of Unicron's existence and he allied the Decepticons with the Autobots to end the threat. In Energon , set ten years later, Alpha Q revives Starscream and wipes all memories of his old life to use him as his personal assassin.

However, Megatron eventually gets a hold of Starscream, using his newfound connection with Unicron to brainwash him into his loyal second-in-command.

Later in the series, he is exposed to a pool of super energon, making his armor impervious to laser fire as well as recoloring it, making him resemble his original G1 colors.

In the final episode, Starscream, along with Mirage, follows Galvatron into an energon sun, Galvatron having done so to break Unicron's hold over him.

Starscream returned again in Cybertron as a darker, more ruthless character. While he appears to be loyal to Megatron like he was in Energon , he secretly prepares a coup against him to become leader of the Decepticons.

This results in a fracturing of the group, with Starscream discovering a group of ancient Decepticons, including two named Thunderblast and Lugnutz; he also recruits neutral Transformers Sideways and Soundwave.

After several encounters, Starscream and Galvatron have one final battle which ends with Starscream, Soundwave, and Sideways being transported into another dimension.

He is later located by Wing Saber, who teams up with Landmine and Mudflap to go after him. Starscream appears in the animated series, voiced by Tom Kenny.

He transforms into a futuristic harrier jet, sporting a notable similarity to the Variable Fighters of Macross fame in his transformation sequence and resembles his Generation 1 counterpart in both design, personality, and ambitions.

He flies at high speeds in both modes, and wields his trademark null-rays, though these function simply as powerful lasers.

He's unintentionally comical in this incarnation displaying occasional incompetence. However, this incarnation displays a resolute tenacity towards his objective, shown by his flying around in a brutally damaged Nemesis to track down the Allspark's energy signature for 50 years by himself.

Although slightly cowardly, Starscream is an excellent warrior, since he almost single-handedly took down all of the Autobots in a battle over the Allspark.

He is more narcissistic than most incarnations of the character, frequently congratulating and praising himself, his plans and his looks, with absolute glee.

During season 2, upon being resurrected by a shard of the Allspark embedded on his forehead, Starscream displays a sense of perseverance in the series, making numerous attempts to eliminate Megatron before and after being destroyed by the Decepticon leader, including creating a squadron of clones that embodied sides of his personality.

He also cannot tell the difference between any two humans. Starscream is part of the main group of Decepticons in the computer animated series Transformers: Prime.

This version is depicted as a much darker character, constantly plotting his rise to becoming the Decepticon leader and mercilessly killing Autobots, as evidenced when he terminates Cliffjumper in the series premiere.

He has displayed a contempt for Decepticons who do not choose a flying alternate mode, such as Knock Out. Although he may look weak, he is one of the deadliest Decepticons in history, using his clever skills and lethal weapons such as his missiles.

Throughout the first half of season one, Starscream serves as the Decepticons' leader after Megatron is critically injured and placed on life support aided in his injuries by Starscream's attempt to assassinate him.

However, once Megatron revives, Starscream is beaten and punished, returning to his position as second-in-command. Following Megatron's attempt to exterminate Starscream, as well as his further humiliation at the hands of the Decepticon Airachnid, Starscream leaves the Decepticons to strike out as an independent at the end of season one.

His attempts to eradicate the Autobots and Megatron range from siding with the human terrorist organization M.

He eventually gains a powerful Iacon relic known as the Apex Armor, and also manages to obtain speed-enhancing red energon, though he loses the former to the Autobot Smokescreen.

After learning of the Omega Keys, powerful Cybertronian relics that can be used to revive Cybertron, Starscream decides to steal the Keys from the Autobots and rejoin the Decepticons, at which he succeeds.

Upon rejoining, Starscream regains his old position as Megatron's first lieutenant after the destruction of Dreadwing , and is instrumental in the kidnapping of the Autobots' human allies, the creation of the fortress Darkmount on Earth, and the destruction of the Autobot base.

In season three, Starscream is forced to share his high-ranking position with Shockwave , and tries to earn Megatron's respect by finding the Autobots before his rival, which results in an outbreak of energon vampires when he foolishly combines Dark Energon with unstable Synthetic Energon, resulting in the loss of over half of the Decepticon forces and Insecticon's Hive.

Starscream is also distrustful of Predaking , the Predacon cloned by Shockwave to hunt down the Autobots, a feeling which is proven correct when Predaking shows he is sentient and capable of transforming.

It is also he who suggests terminating the Predacon soldiers they have been creating, including Predaking, after he shew his sentient and capacity of transformation, and blaming it on the Autobots, later causing Predaking to turn against them.

Starscream, Shockwave and the other Decepticons then retreat. In the TV movie Predacons Rising , which functions as the finale to the animated series Transformers: Prime , Starscream is shown to share leadership of the Decepticons with Shockwave, who constantly has them move labs to avoid detection.

Starscream also helps to command two Predacons, Skylynx and Darksteel , they have cloned as part of their scheme to rebuild the Decepticon army, and is witness with Shockwave to the arrival of Unicron possessing Megatron's upgraded and resurrected body.

Starscream is among those to try and flee when Unicron attacks, but is betrayed by Knockout, who sides with the Autobots. When Megatron is freed from Unicron's control, Starscream is eager to rejoin him, but Megatron rebuffs, saying that he has lost his taste for inflicting oppression, and that the Decepticons are no more.

Starscream then eagerly attempts to reinstate himself as leader of the Decepticons, but is confronted by Predaking, Skylynx and Darksteel, who are intent on revenge for their cruel treatment at his hands.

Starscream's fate is left ambiguous until the sequel series Transformers: Robots in Disguise. In Transformers: Robots in Disguise , it's revealed Starscream survived, having escaped Skylynx and Darksteel and killed them inadvertently by setting off a room full of weapons that were capable of destroying even Predacons, in Darkmount on Cybertron.

After reformatting his body, Starscream hid until he could regain his full power, tracking seven Minicons Megatron had been experimenting on to give himself even greater power than a Prime.

At some point after his escape, Starscream located the Weaponizer Minicons as part of his plans for revenge and galactic conquest and promptly began hunting them down, hiring an Insecticon, and two mercenaries named Roughedge and Shadelock to help him find the escaped Mini-Cons on Earth.

He also came into possession of Megatron's Dark Star Saber and promptly took control of it, though the sword began rejecting him and he could not access its full power.

Nevertheless, he still desired the Mini-Cons as part of his goals and ended up having Fixit, Jetstorm and Slipstream brought to him when they were captured by mistake.

After learning that his old enemy, Bumblebee, was on Earth, he threatened to terminate the Minicons unless Bumblebee surrendered to him.

Bumblebee promptly did so in order to secure their release. Unfortunately for Starscream, Optimus returned and defeated him while he was powered up by the Minicons, with the help of Bumblebee's team.

Starscream fell comatose and was loaded onto Optimus's ship for transport back to Cybertron and justice. Starscream appears in the novel Transformers: Exodus , [11] and its sequels; Transformers: Exiles and Transformers: Retribution.

Here he and the Seekers were the bodyguards of Sentinel Prime, but captured him and pledged their allegiance to Megatron when the war between Autobots and Decepticons broke out.

Starscream proved to be a treacherous subordinate as usual, looking for every opportunity to play both sides to his advantage so that his circumstances would be favorable regardless of the outcome.

In an attempt to see Megatron destroyed, he released Sentinel Prime so that the deposed leader could eliminate the leader of the Decepticons, only to see Sentinel Prime fall.

Starscream attacked Megatron himself, but proved unable to defeat the Decepticon leader and was forced to submit to his authority again.

He would join the crew of the Nemesis , and continue to seek Megatron's overthrow through a bargain with the Quintessons. Serving as one of Megatron's elite troops in the attack on the Ark, the Marvel Comics incarnation of Starscream possessed the desire to take leadership of the Decepticons, but in the early days of the war on Earth, he did not accomplish any notable acts apart from nearly getting scrapped by Megatron after one snide comment.

When he participated in an attack on the Ark with several of his fellow Decepticons, Starscream was deactivated by Omega Supreme , and sealed in a stasis pod in the Ark for a prolonged period of time.

At the same time, the U. Simon Furman portrayed the character's scheming and ambition with more subtlety than the animated series, making Starscream more intelligent and cunning.

He was often the focus of his own stories, including a Christmas special based around Starscream's misery at being stranded on Earth. In this story and in many others written by Furman, Starscream often came across as wry and sarcastic.

He was one of the most formidable warriors in the Decepticon army and adversaries were often shown to be visibly intimidated by him. Starscream made an appearance in the Decepticon forces under the command of Megatron in issue 7 of the Marvel Generation 2 comic series; in a story called "New Dawn" Megatron led his Decepticons against Jhiaxus ' second generation Cybertronians near the moon of Tykos.

The Decepticons were defeated and Megatron left injured, presumed dead, but swearing revenge. Based on the Transformers Classics toy line, the Timelines story is set 15 years after the end of the Marvel Comics story ignoring all events of the Marvel U.

Megatron survived the crash of the Ark on Earth. He is joined by Starscream, who realized he needed a leader. The three Seekers are then taken over by Bugbite 's cerebro shells with Starscream swearing to painfully dismember Bugbite for it.

When the Autobots eventually jam the shells to facilitate their own rescue of Mirage , Starscream is freed and battles Bugbite's faction.

Whether he survived the battle is unknown. He seems to retain his usual second-in-command status in this story. This Starscream is a morally good version of the Generation 1 character from the BotCon exclusive " Shattered Glass " comic, in which the Decepticons are on the side of good and the Autobots on the side of evil.

This version is loyal to Megatron, as opposed to his normally treacherous portrayal. He longs to return to his life as a scientist.

Also, Megatron treats Starscream with far more respect and considers him a genius. He and Razorclaw confront his world's Goldbug , Grimlock and Jazz.

Starscream, Divebomb and Whisper drop "glass gas" bombs on the Autobot's Ark launch platform to make it vulnerable to attack. He defends the Arch-Ayr fuel dump from an Autobot attack.

The toy for the heroic Starscream is redeco of the Cybertron Voyager Starscream, and was available only at the BotCon.

His color scheme is an homage to the Generation 1 Autobot Jetfire. Another incarnation of Starscream works in civil intelligence on Transtech Cybertron.

Prowl and Starscream had a biographies printed by Fun Publications. In the 21st century re-imagining of the Generation One universe by the comics company Dreamwave Productions , Starscream remained his treacherous, power-hungry self.

In the early days of the war on Cybertron, he devastated Iacon with a terraforming process, and went on to form his own faction called the Predacons when Megatron vanished in a space-bridge experiment.

Dreamwave Productions produced a companion comic for the G1 toyline just as Marvel Comics produced, it was different from the animated continuity.

In these comics, the Armada incarnation of Starscream had a much smaller role, but was written in a fashion much closer to the original treacherous G1 character - a trait that would ultimately lead to his seeming demise when the Energon comic book began.

He still possessed elements of the animated Armada Starscream, such as an unwillingness to shy away from battle.

Starscream would appear in many of Megatron's subsequent schemes, including capturing Swindle , attempting to capture Mini-Cons for his own use and launching an attack on the Mini-Con base on the Moon.

His next appearance would be 10 years after Unicron 's defeat. When Starscream gatecrashed a meeting of the Terrorcons — renegade Decepticons who were unhappy with the peace between Autobot and Decepticon that had emerged in the wake of Unicron's defeat — at an energon plant, his mistake soon became apparent when he discovered that they had struck a deal with Unicron and gained new "Hyper Mode" powers.

When their leader, Scorponok , arrived, Starscream was unable to talk himself out of trouble and was blasted into the plant's machinery by Scorponok, seemingly dying.

But Starscream survived. The raw energon in the plant reacted in some mysterious way, giving him a ghostly body of pure energon like the cartoon Energon version, this was also a homage to the ghost form of the original Starscream.

In this form he ended up attacking Demolishor and draining him of his energy. Due to the collapse of Dreamwave, the series was stopped. In this crossover from Devil's Due Publishing , the Ark was discovered by the terrorist Cobra Organization, and all the Transformers inside were reformatted into Cobra vehicles remotely controlled by the Televipers.

Their version of the Generation One universe begins with a miniseries called The Transformers: Infiltration. His alternate mode here is that of an F Raptor , foreshadowing the events of the live action movie.

In this story, an alternate version of events from The Transformers: The Movie , Starscream took over leadership of the Decepticons after Megatron was killed by Optimus Prime.

Thus, it was Starscream who first encountered Unicron and allied the Decepticons to him, after being upgraded by Unicron's power into the mighty Megascream.

He briefly hunted the Autobots in an effort to destroy the Matrix of Leadership , but later turned against his benefactor when Unicron devoured one of Cybertron's moons, which Starscream saw as his own.

When Unicron attacked Cybertron itself and Optimus Prime arrived to try and stop him, Megascream demanded that he hand over the Matrix, and combined with Astrotrain , Soundwave , Ramjet, and Dirge into a massive new form.

However, Hot Rod soon arrived to rescue Optimus, and unleashed the power of the Matrix, resulting in Unicron's demise as well as that of Megascream and himself.

Following his defeat at the conclusion of The Headmasters , Galvatron's icy tomb was discovered by Cyclonus, whose body Galvatron modified to accommodate his own head in the chest compartment.

Seeking a more fitting form, Galvatron directed Cyclonus to approach the disembodied head of Unicron, who was convinced to help Galvatron attain a combiner form with Cyclonus as its core.

To accomplish this, Unicron used his power to open dimensional rifts in order to bring Curse Armada Thrust, Zombie War Breakdown , and Wandering Roller into their world.

To Cyclonus' surprise, Starscream then made an appearance, expressing interest in joining this new alliance. Unicron promptly granted Starscream a new physical form, and Galvatron's head took control of his new minions to take on his new form of Galvatronus.

Although other playable Transformers have several incarnations featured, the only playable incarnation of Starscream is the Generation 1 version.

Starscream is among the characters appearing in the Transformers video game for the PlayStation 2. He appears as a level boss, battling the player's character at two points.

In the Decepticon campaign, Starscream acts as Decepticon leader until Megatron's resurrection. In the Autobot campaign, he is defeated by Jazz.

Generation One. Artikelstandort Alle ansehen. Beschreibung Bewertungen 0. Beendete Angebote. Zur Kategorie Aktionen. Ich habe die Datenschutzbestimmungen zur Kenntnis genommen. EUR 5,00 Versand. Funktionale Cookies ermöglichen es einer Alatriste, bereits getätigte Angaben wie zum Beispiel Benutzernamen, Sprachauswahl oder der Ort, an dem Sie sich The Punisher Dirty Laundry zu speichern und dem Nutzer verbesserte, persönlichere Funktionen anzubieten. From Flame Toys. This Is Spinal Tap Starscream wishes someday to overthrow Megatron the leader of the Decepticons and become the Pit Fighter of the Decepticons and take over the universe. Starscream led the Decepticons to Earth while following the beacon signal used by Bumblebee to call Franz Eberhofer Autobots. On a mission to Earth, Starscream confronted one of Optimus Prime 's auto-avatars. Rush B Cyka Blyat The sexiest Transformer you will ever meet. Transformers Collectors Club Magazine. In the event that Optimus separated from his squadron to provide cover fire, Starscream was one of the ten Decepticons who ganged up on the Autobot leader. The humans helped Optimus escape though, and Starscream flew off to pay Carrera back for his failure. Archived from the original on

Uncovering information that would allow him to initiate the planet's mechaforming sub-structure, Starscream decided to activate it immediately to better allow him to "start fresh" with Cybertron.

The War Within 4 He instructed Scrapper to carry this procedure out, hoping Megatron would be crushed in the planet's transformation sequence.

Scrapper warned him against rushing the process, but Starscream simply didn't care about the Constructicon's misgivings. He gave Scrapper an ultimatum: he had a choice between beginning the mechaforming process immediately, or be himself be "mechaformed" by Starscream's enforcer, Motormaster.

A group of Autobots were then discovered spying on the scene, and a firefight began between them and the Decepticons present. At this time, deep inside Cybertron, Optimus and Megatron were being fed visions of the future by the Matrix.

In one of these visions, they saw Starscream participating in an attack on a hydro-electric dam on Earth.

The War Within 5 Meanwhile, in reality, Starscream continued to pressure Scrapper into activating Cybertron's engine, even as they came under heavy fire.

Optimus, fresh from his victory against Megatron, soon joined the fight, and proceeded to beat down the bulk of the Decepticons stationed to guard the engines.

With the odds turned against him, Starscream chose to flee, and the engines were destroyed after his departure. The War Within 6.

A few millennia later, after the apparent death of Megatron, Starscream created a splinter group of Decepticons called Predacons. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to recruit many intellectuals to his faction, leaving him with the likes of Motormaster , Astrotrain and Octane to command.

One of the group's attempt to secure a plenty of energon was foiled by the Lightning Strike Coalition , led by Grimlock, who managed to distract Starscream and his troops long enough to swipe their goods and make a quick getaway with them in hand.

Over time, Ultra Magnus managed to unite the Autobot forces once more, allowing them to take control of a significant portion of Cybertron's territories and resources.

The Autobots gained enough power that both the Ultracons and Shockwave's Decepticons felt it necessary to sign a peace treaty, ceding the Autobots victory in the war and putting an end to hostilities between factions.

But Starscream refused to do so, and led his Predacons on an attack on the treaty. While he personally assassinated the newly reassembled High Council, Starscream had Motormaster and the bulk of his forces attack the faction leaders themselves at the signing.

But Starscream's coup was interrupted by the return of Megatron, now heading an army of Air Warriors. The Age of Wrath Starscream thought his massacre of the High Council would make him the stuff of legend, and so allowed Slamdance to walk away from the scene to tell the tale of how it transpired.

The Age of Wrath Pt. While the Decepticon leader used his new troops to take over the planet, he angrily confronted Starscream for highjacking his plans.

Though Starscream claimed he was merely following orders in spirit, Megatron grappled his underling by the throat, and made it clear through threats that Starscream shouldn't presume his own autonomy; he was to follow his orders to the letter , and nothing else.

The Omega Effect To punish his treacherous subordinate, and to entertain himself, Megatron locked Starscream up inside a tank with a swarm of Piranacons , allowing the critters to slowly gnaw at the captive Decepticons.

Starscream escaped from his confinement thanks to a rampaging Grimlock. He then unwittingly foiled the Quintessons' attempt to extract Cybertron's core, thinking the whole thing was Megatron's doing and wanting payback against the Decepticon leader.

Starscream was among the Decepticon boarding party that attacked the Autobot flagship Ark, causing its crash-landing on Earth and putting all Autobots and Decepticons alike in emergency stasis.

In a volcanic eruption awakened the Ark's computer, Teletraan-I, and it repaired all on board. Starscream's actions over the next fifteen years are largely unrecorded, but he probably did what he did best: strafe the Autobots and fleshlings and attempt to betray Megatron, smirking all the while.

In , the combined forces of the Autobots and Earth defeated and captured the Decepticons. Starscream was secured on board the Ark II along with the other Decepticons when the ship exploded, killing the human crew and scattering the Transformers across the ocean.

Arms dealer Adam Rook a. Lazarus recovered several of the Autobots and Decepticons and used them as a reprogrammed weapons for hire for terrorists and despots.

Prime Directive 1 Prime Directive 5 As part of a demonstration to prospective buyers, Rook had Starscream join an assault against the Smitco Oil Refinery alongside half a dozen Transformers.

When Megatron eventually broke free of Rook's control, he freed the other Decepticons. Prime Directive 2. The reactivated Starscream, along with his Seeker brothers Thundercracker and Skywarp, took a particular pleasure in dismantling the Autobot Minicars.

When Megatron complained that he didn't rewire them so they could sit around and do nothing, Starscream playfully said they were only having some fun with their new "toys".

Megatron ordered the three Decepticons to follow him, and when Skywarp asked Starscream what their leader's plan was this time, the air commander casually tossed Bumblebee 's head over his shoulder and said that he didn't care, as it was going to be evil, and evil is always fun.

Soon afterwards, the Autobots arrived and attacked. As Starscream attempted to choke Wheeljack , Sideswipe paid him back with a nice throat punch.

All the combatants were then bombed by rogue members of the U. Prime Directive 3. But the bomb's blast was absorbed by a cyber-forming virus previously unleashed by the Decepticons.

Instead of being destroyed, all of the Transformer combatants were encased in a metallic dome. After extracating themselves from it, the Decepticons attacked San Francisco.

When Superion appeared to stop Devastator , Starscream led the other Seekers in bombing the Autobot giant, forcing the Aerialbots into their component team member forms and putting them at the mercy of Devastator.

Prime Directive 5 The Autobot leader managed to free his comrades after humans distracted the Decepticons, and the battle started anew.

Fellow F Air Raid punched Starscream in the face, repaying him for the earlier defeat. After the Aerialbots, as Superion, sacrificed their lives to save San Francisco from General Hallo's unauthorized nuclear strike, Starscream and the other Decepticons escaped.

Prime Directive 6. After the destruction of Devastator in California , Starscream covertly recovered his pieces to rebuild the Combiner, ensuring the loyalty of the Constructicons and making him a secret weapon to help him overthrow Megatron when the time came.

That time was when Megatron, Optimus Prime and some Autobot cannon fodder were kidnapped into space by the Keepers. Seizing the opportunity, Starscream brought the Constructicons out of hiding and declared himself ruler of the Decepticons.

He acquired the services of Soundwave and most of the remaining Decepticons on Earth for a scheme to take over the human city of Las Vegas. Redubbing it New Centurion, Starscream's insidious plan was to coerce the locals into accepting Decepticon rule by appealing to their vanity and greed, playing it off like a reality TV show where the humans could sell their stories and profit from the occupation.

To maintain control, he had Bonecrusher and the Constructicons drive back the few humans who accepted the chance to leave of their own free will, tricking the humans into believing they were in danger and the Decepticons were protecting them.

Starscream's rule obviously came to the attention of the American government, who arranged for an unmarked and official denied strike force from the Armed Forces to join up with the rogue Cybertronian, Grimlock.

Grimlock in turn recruited Prowl and Bumblebee to assault "New Centurion" in an effort to reclaim the city. During the battle for Las Vegas, Megatron and the Autobots returned, but brought their captors, the Keepers, with them.

Megatron was weakened by his ordeal, and Starscream took the opportunity to consolidate his power by defeating Megatron in combat.

Megatron lost, and was forced to officially cede leadership of the Decepticons to Starscream. The victory turned sour, however, when Soundwave and several Megatron loyalists renounced their ties to the Decepticon army and left with Megatron, costing Starscream roughly half his forces.

He retained the Seekers , Devastator, the Insecticons and about half the Recordicons. Starscream's reign continued to crumble when he was confronted by the Keepers, all-but-unknowable cosmic level creatures who had already killed and possessed the Autobot Bluestreak.

Starscream also fell before their power, and was seemingly killed to become the second Cybertronian host body for their might.

His Decepticons were defeated and detained behind a powerful force field. Unknown to all, Starscream's mind still existed, hidden deep down inside his stolen body.

The Autobots and Megatron's ex-Decepticons joined forces to stop the Keepers, leading the formless entities to merge their two Cybertronian hosts, mixing Bluestreak and Starscream together into a nightmarish super mode.

This proved to be their undoing. Alone, Starscream and Bluestreak were not strong enough to overcome the Keepers' control, but by merging bodies the Keepers also connected the two Cybertronians' minds.

Together, the Autobot and the Decepticon fought back against the Keepers, forcing them out and restoring their independence. Optimus Prime ultimately ended the threat of the Keepers with the Matrix.

The chaos caused by the Keepers cost Starscream his city and his reign. Megatron reclaimed leadership of the Decepticons and, to add insult to injury, named Skywarp his aerospace commander and second-in-command, forcing Starscream to answer to him.

Unfortunately, the Keepers survived in an extra-dimensional realm. Their human agent, Franklin Townsend , managed to retake control of Starscream and Bluestreak forcing them to work towards the Keepers' release.

This continued until Franklin unleashed his plan to open a hole into the Void and allow the Keepers back to Earth.

Starscream regained control of his senses while Franklin and the Keepers were focused elsewhere, although this didn't stop him from making another attempt on Megatron's life before being beaten down again.

In the middle of a battle against Optimus's forces, Starscream and the rest of the Decepticons were approached by Shockwave and his followers, newly arrived from Cybertron.

Shockwave claimed that Cybertron was now at peace under his unified ruled, and demanded the Earthbound Transformers surrender to him.

Though they tried to fight back, Shockwave had altered his troops, making them much more powerful than both Megatron and Optimus's followers.

As they boarded his ship, Shockwave instructed the Decepticons to enter CR Chambers to have themselves repaired, but Starscream guessed that the chambers had mind-altering devices incorporated within them.

Starscream escaped his CR chambers long enough to jettison Megatron out of the ship, and into the void of space. New World Order Shockwave soon found about Starscream's clandestine actions, and set about disciplining him.

But punishment didn't deter him, and Starscream continued plotting against Shockwave. Once on Cybertron, he set about disabling Soundwave, who had since worked himself in Shockwave's good graces.

Brothers' Burden He continued creating a small sect of separatist Decepticons on Cybertron, next approaching Rumble and Frenzy after they had been ordered to release the psychotic Stunticons from incarceration, in order to distract Ultra Magnus from Shockwave's true motives.

Cold War He used the cover of Menasor's release to steal the incapacitated Combaticons from the same prison wing. As the Autobots began openly rebelling against Shockwave's regime, Starscream crippled Shockwave's surveillance systems by assassinating the Reflector trio posted in his base's monitor womb.

In thanks for his aid in delaying video footage throughout Shockwave's network, allowing Starscream to go about scheming freely, Starscream gave Soundwave a present: Ratbat.

He then invited the two of them to "enjoy the show" with him, and sat back to watch the Autobots tear down Shockwave's government.

Countdown to Extinction As the insurgence was nearing its end, Starscream opted to abscond from Cybertron with his small cadre of followers, and the inactive Combaticons.

Unfortunately for him, the shuttle he attempted to hijack to this end turned out to be Sky Lynx , who took off on his own volition, with the Decepticons trapped within him.

Despite this setback, Starscream and his soldiers managed to get back to Earth, and implement their plans there.

Starscream first made his way to the Nemesis , but found the ship in worst condition than anticipated. After bestowing the Combaticons with military alternate modes, scanned from an abandoned military testing ground, he set out to repair the Decepticon vessel.

Black Sunshine To this end, he set his sights on the Ark , and unleashed the Decepticons on the Autobots under the leadership of Jazz. His first wave of soldiers were captured, though Starscream had only sent them forth as a distraction; his real attack came in the form of Bruticus , the combined form of the Combaticons.

With this mighty soldier at his side, Starscream managed to beat down all of the Autobots, save two: Brawn and Ratchet.

Pursuing them back to the Ark , Starscream instructed Bruticus to retrieve the two runaways, but to keep the ship intact.

But as Bruticus encroached on his prey, the Autobots engaged the Ark 's self-destruct mechanism.

Though all of his troops were freed, Starscream was robbed of his means to get to the Nemesis back in working order. To complicate matters further, Starscream's clone, Sunstorm , then arrived on Earth, babbling about some bizarre mission.

Night of the Combaticons The Decepticons turned their weapons on the new arrival, only for their shots to prove ineffective against him.

Using his "divine light," Sunstorm deactivated all of the other Decepticons, forcing Starscream to flee the scene. Sunstorm pursued, eventually confronting his template within the Decepticon's base.

Starscream demanded to know what Sunstorm wanted out of him, only for his clone to spew out more religious babble.

Sunstorm then demanded that Starscream join him in his crusade, but Starscream declined, and instead distracted Sunstorm long enough for Jetfire to sneak up on him.

Black Sunshine Jetfire was able to disable Sunstorm, only to discover that the clone had rapid regenerative abilities. Out of options, both he and Starscream absconded from the Nemesis , and went to find the Autobots once more.

Skyfire Black Sunshine Starscream was forced to ally himself with his hated enemies in exchange for getting his forces freed.

The Autobots then pooled their knowledge with Jetfire's in order to formulate a battle plan against Sunstorm.

While they implemented it, Starscream was left under Jetfire's watchful eye. But the attempt against Sunstorm quickly turned sour for the Autobots, forcing Jetfire to abandon his post.

Skyfire This allowed Starscream to disable to rest of the Orion 's crew wit his null-rays, and fly off on his own to a hideout in Alaska.

The Omega Effect. By the time Sunstorm tracked Starscream down once more, the Autobots had attached an energy siphon to the clone, severely weakening him.

Sunstorm begged Starscream for his help, but Starscream refused by back-handing his "brother. Finding himself incapable of defeating this much bigger opponent alone, Starscream destroyed the energy-siphon attached to Sunstorm.

The clone reawakened, and though Omega Supreme put up a good fight, Sunstorm defeated him using both his radiation powers and his guile.

The Omega Effect Starscream was then taken to a concealed mechanical door, which Sunstorm uncovered using his radiant powers.

Claiming he was the "chosen one," Sunstorm ordered Starscream to open the seal. Starscream complied just as Jetfire and Bumblebee came bearing down upon them.

Despite the Autobots' best efforts, they were unable to stop the Decepticons from entering the underground chamber, but soon caught up to them.

Jetfire was able to quickly subdue Starscream, only to be left in a stand-off against Sunstorm, who held Bumblebee in his irradiated grip.

Unexpectedly, Starscream turned on Sunstorm and used his recently modified null-rays to blast his clone. After disabling Jetfire as well, Starscream kicked Sunstorm away, sending him tumbling down a nearby chasm.

Original Sin. Starscream then took to mocking Bumblebee at gunpoint, proclaiming that the young Autobot was completely clueless to the events unfolding around him Having grown tired of his "brother's" constant betrayals, Sunstorm denounced Starscream, claiming that he had corrupted his divine mission through his perverse desires.

But as Sunstorm turned to Bumblebee, claiming that he was now the recipient of divine favor, an eruption tore through his arm With a meltdown of his frame inevitably forthcoming, Sunstorm lashed out violently to everything surrounding him.

Jetfire tackled Starscream out of the way of one of Sunstorm's energy arcs, and after telling the Decepticon he owed him one, flew the clone up into Earth's orbit.

Starscream begrudgingly returned the favor by carrying Bumblebee to the surface. Bumblebee then pleaded Starscream to help Jetfire, only for Starscream to counter that he wasn't looking to help anyone beyond himself.

Starscream flew away, leaving Jetfire to be destroyed. Despite his words, Starscream had been thoroughly shaken by his ordeal. He was still trying to straighten out his thoughts when he arrived at the Decepticons' headquarters, where he was greeted by Frenzy.

Brushing the little Decepticon away, Starscream made his way to Soundwave, who he found suspiciously shutting off a monitor as soon as he entered the room.

Annoyed that his compatriots didn't seem all-too-pleased by his return, he demanded to know what they were all up to.

Dissatisfied with their previous lackluster performances in combat, Starscream took the Combaticons for some practice against the captive Sky Lynx.

This also ended in disaster, for Predaking soon arrived, and Starscream discovered that Soundwave, his cassettes, and the other Seekers had allied with Predaking's master Starscream was again forced into a subservient position, with Megatron preparing to lead the Decepticons in the conquest of Earth The Route of All Evil.

When the nascent terrorist organization known as Cobra uncovered the buried hulk of the Ark, they removed the bodies of numerous Transformers with the intention of using them as weapons of war to threaten America.

Cobra scientist Doctor Mindbender hacked the brain functions of the captive Transformers, reducing them to the level of remote-controlled drones, and dubbed them " Battle Android Troopers ".

Starscream was reconfigured to transform into a jet plane known as a "Night Raven", and was selected for use by the Cobra Commander as his personal aircraft.

Starscream was among the Transformers deployed during Cobra's opening attack on world freedom, when they targeted the United Nations Headquarters.

Starscream transformed to robot mode and was punching his way through the building when a U. Military soldier code-named Snake-Eyes opened fire on him with a machine gun.

Although unharmed by the attack, Starscream returned fire with his lasers, blowing up the missile tank upon which the soldier was perched and horribly scarring his face.

Joe vs. Meanwhile, Autobot scientist Wheeljack had been able to avoid capture by Cobra, and had allied himself with America's newly formed special mission force G.

Hacking into Cobra's system, he was able to shut off the terrorists' control of the Transformers, liberating their minds and bodies.

Megatron returned the sentiment, blasting him with his fusion cannon, and Starscream slunk away as Megatron returned to more important matters. Lurking in the island's jungle, Starscream crossed paths with Snake-Eyes, who took revenge for his disfigurement by shattering the unsuspecting Starscream's eye with his sword and shoving a grenade into the socket.

Clawing at his face, Starscream tumbled over a cliff and was badly damaged in the fall. Naturally, the commander agreed.

Starscream and Cobra Commander resurfaced two years later, when Cobra Commander learned that human scientists had created an interstellar wormhole to Cybertron.

With Starscream forced to do his bidding via unspecified means , he used the portal to travel to Cybertron with the intention of gaining control of the wormhole technology by stealing the super-computer Teletran 3.

However, a G. Joe ambush that struck just as they were carrying out their plan caused a catastrophic malfunction in Teletran 3, scattering numerous Transformers through the wormhole network across space and time.

Starscream was not among those scattered, but he was promptly bound with energon chains by Perceptor and Ultra Magnus while they assessed the severity of the situation.

It transpired that the chronal disruption caused by the time-lost Transformers would destroy the Earth, and teams of Joes and Cobras were soon dispatched through the timestream to retrieve the robots and save the planet.

While the Joes and Cobras were off on their time-tossed mission, the forcefield protecting Magnus, Perceptor and Teletran 3 collapsed, at which point Decepticon commander Shockwave struck.

Shockwave freed Starscream and reprogrammed Teletran 3 to prevent Transformers from being able to return to their proper times, so that Earth would be destroyed and he could invade it, as he had always planned to—it was Shockwave who had leaked the wormhole technology to humans in the first place.

The Transformers were returned, and Starscream escaped in the midst of the chaotic battle that resulted. In the aftermath of the battle, Shockwave accused Starscream of deliberately trying to foil his scheme by trying to steal Teletran 3.

Starscream denied any treacherousness on his part, and Shockwave was just starting to come around when a recording Cobra Commander had programmed into Starscream began to play, informing the Decepticon leader of Starscream's general uselessness.

At that point, Starscream promptly exploded, taking out the Decepticon headquarters in the process, courtesy of forty-five pounds of plastic explosives that Cobra Commander had lined his housing with, in case the Decepticon had ever escaped his clutches.

When the foundling terrorist organization known as Cobra discovered the Ark buried in the Fera Islands in , they inadvertently awoke the Decepticons from their stasis.

The evil robots entered into an alliance with the organization's leader, Cobra Commander, to conquer the world and strip it of its energy, but Megatron's true goal was to take the Matrix of Leadership—stolen from the body of Optimus Prime—from around Cobra Commander's neck.

Starscream adopted the alternate form of a P Mustang aeroplane. One year later, in , the American military formed a special mission force to counter the Cobra-Decepticon alliance named "G.

Laserbeak spied upon the first meeting of this team and reported the information to Cobra; Starscream stood nearby as Cobra Commander vowed to kill the Joes, and opined that heroes were born to die.

Joe's first attack came soon after, and Starscream distracted their aircraft in his jet mode while Megatron attacked them from above and downed them.

The Line As it happened, the Joes bailed out and landed near to the buried Ark, where they wound up awakening the Autobots within the craft. Starscream watched as the ship sent out a repair drone to scan for alternate modes, aware of what it meant and seeing it as a threat to Megatron's leadership that he could exploit.

Megatron happened upon Starscream as he was monologuing about taking the power of the Matrix for himself, and witnessed the drone going about its business.

Knowing he would need the scheming Starscream for the coming battle, he ordered the Air Commander to help him move their stockpiled energon cubes to safer location.

Megatron proceeded to mass the Decepticons for a major battle with the Autobots, save for Starscream, who was left to languish within their base.

Unfortunately for Megatron, this merely left Starscream with an opportunity to conspire with Cobra Commander's own traitorous second, Destro , and together the pair prepared to unleash the newly constructed giant robot, Bruticus, upon everyone.

Even this conspiracy proved to be a deception on Destro's part, however, when he had his lover, the Baroness , shoot Starscream in his weak spot: an inch below his right ear, just behind his jaw hinge.

Starscream's head flared with electricity and he collapsed, while Destro loosed Bruticus upon all his assembled enemies. Joe member Snake-Eyes ended the threat when he plucked the Matrix from Cobra Commander's clutches, and at Optimus Prime's direction, hurled it at Bruticus.

The resultant explosion of creation energy destroyed Bruticus, but apparently killed all the Transformers in the process. The Iron Fist.

Forty-six years later, in , Starscream was revealed to have survived his injuries and the destruction of the Matrix through unexplained means.

Discarding his archaic alternate mode for the form of an F, Starscream was performing a flyby over Cobra Island, seeking a means to return to Cybertron, when he intercepted a communication about an alien starship actually a Cybertronian craft containing Blaster and Perceptor crashing in Oregon.

Starscream saw the craft as his ticket home, and while he was too low on energon to claim the ship for himself, he was content to let Cobra take it and then steal it from them later.

Targets of Opportunity. Divided Front 3 At some point, Starscream and Soundwave uncovered information about a "terrible secret" buried beneath Cobra Island, and set out to destroy Cobra Commander should the terrorist refuse to allow them access to it.

Divided Front 5. Starscream participated in an all-out Decepticon offensive, beating down Autobots at Soundwave's side.

Starscream then joined several other flying Decepticons in a direct assault against The Beast, to little avail.

The Beast Within. After Megatron had been transformed into a small electrical rodent , Starscream sarcastically assured him that the Autobots would find him much more intimidating in his new form.

Another Con. Starscream proclaimed his greatness, warning those who opposed him to tremble before his might A cent short, Starscream cursed the inventor of the penny for his misfortune.

Later, Starscream participated in an infiltration of BotCon to track down next year's toy designs, and use them to conquer the Autobots once and for all!

On Megatron's birthday, Starscream concealed a bomb in Megatron's cake Mini Mayhem! Starscream got his mitts on a treasure map, and became convinced that by using it is, he could usurp Megatron Lil Formers.

Starscream was one of the many Cybertronians caught up in a civil war that emerged due to greed, corruption and malice emerging in their planet's halls of power.

Action Blast 1. Starscream and his comrades, Skywarp and Thundercracker, were recruited by Soundwave when Megatron requested fliers.

After recruiting Shockwave and murdering the Senate , he led the Seekers as air support in the overthrow of Zeta Prime before, after a spell as recruitment agent, becoming Megatron's personal bodyguard, warning him about the power of the Phase Sixer Sixshot , to which Megatron dismissed his concerns.

During this time, he appeared to let his ambition rest, mostly out of fear of his leader. Many years later, as leader of an Infiltration unit on Earth , he discovered an Ultra-Energon seam and saw in it his chance to finally overpower and defeat Megatron.

His breach of protocol in pursuit of this drew Megatron to Earth personally, and despite Starscream's enhanced power, he easily defeated the treacherous Seeker and blew a hole in his chest.

After a spell in a CR chamber, however, he was revived by his unit, worried about Megatron's seeming instability, and ultimately accepted back into the Decepticon army by Megatron after helping to defeat a rebellious Sixshot and the Reapers.

He then did a deal with the mentally-damaged Sunstreaker ostensibly to help overthrow Megatron, before double-crossing him, leaving the Autobots at the point of total defeat.

Ultimately, this period ended with Megatron comatose and Starscream in charge of the Decepticons On revival, Megatron was not happy at the complete destruction of the Decepticon infrastructure, but let him live due to the lack of able-bodied soldiers.

After the Chaos War, he placed himself as a repentant soul, trying to do his best to help the vastly-expanded neutral population on a reborn Cybertron.

This, combined with the apparent blessing of Metrotitan , left him placed after a Decepticon uprising to kill his "friend", neutral leader Metalhawk , and use his death as a tool to evict both factions from Iacon and seize the leadership of the city.

Starscream was one of the many Decepticons who fought the Autobots on prehistoric Earth, taking on the beast mode of a reptilian flying creature before the ice age forced both factions into prolonged hibernation.

Hearts of Steel 1. Starscream was later the nominal leader of the Decepticons on 19th-century Earth, while Megatron slept in stasis lock.

He decided to conquer the Earth in this time, and to use that power to overthrow Megatron when he should wake. Posing as a benefactor to humanity, he enlisted the help of inventor Tobias Muldoon to design new altmodes for the Decepticons.

Starscream also commissioned Tobias to build the Decepticons a new base of operations, though he insisted that its location to be some place remote, away from prying eyes.

All the while, he sent the Decepticons under his command to "appropriate" funds to finance the operation as a whole. Thanks to the Decepticons' tireless efforts, Starscream's machinations advanced at full speed.

Tobias Muldoon eventually learned of Starscream's evil intentions for the Earth when he overheard Starscream gloating that he would soon subjugate the human race.

Hearts of Steel 2 Starscream built or reformatted Astrotrain for an assault on New York City , and the new electrical generators there.

As the preparations for Astrotrain were being finalized, another human by the name of Jacob Lee Bonaventure came to meet with Starscream.

Starscream accepted Bonaventure's proposal for a partnership, stating that he still had use for an intermediary. While Bonaventure and his accomplice Vanflint were marveling at the Decepticons' efficiency, the two of them mentioned a "little yellow locomotive," piquing Starscream's interest.

Starscream quickly deduced that the locomotive was indeed Bumblebee , concluding that the Autobots had also reactivated themselves.

Starscream then ordered Squawkbox to spread the word among the Decepticons, so as to prepare them for combat. Without further delay, the attack on New York City was put underway.

Hearts of Steel 3 When the Autobots moved to intercept Astrotrain, Starscream oversaw the blasting of a tunnel, cutting off the Autobots in turn.

Confident that the Autobots could no longer interfere with his plans after a few more artillery volleys in their direction, Starscream boarded Astrotrain, and resumed travel towards New York.

It all ended badly for him, as Bumblebee managed to make his way in front of the Decepticons, and literally derailed them off of a cliff.

Hearts of Steel 4. Starscream was among the Decepticons who joined Megatron in attacking the Earth in the 21st century.

During an attack on Tokyo, Starscream got the drop on some human military operatives who were observing a fight between Megatron and Optimus Prime , but before he could take them out, Bumblebee got the drop on him , spraying him with a fire engine's hose.

This gave Grimlock the opening he needed to lash Starscream with his tail and send him crashing into Megatron, prompting the villains to retreat.

Starscream later concocted a plan to have Astrotrain keep the Autobots busy while the Decepticons raided a power plant, but he had not factored in the Autobots' newest warrior, Hot Rod , who took them by surprise and blasted Starscream in the back.

Knowing that his friend Skyfire had been stranded on Earth tens of thousands of years ago, Starscream had Ramjet search for his body, which was eventually located frozen in a glacier.

Starscream thawed out Skyfire and placed a mind-controlling helmet on him, to ensure that his kind-hearted old friend would serve the destructive Decepticon cause.

Together, they attacked a power plant, but while they fought off the plant's Autobot defenders, Skyfire began to struggle against the helmet's influence, eventually overpowering it and turning on Starscream.

Realizing he was outnumbered, Starscream fled, as Skyfire called after him to remind him that even thousands of years ago, they'd never gotten along that well anyway Following Megatron's use of energon cubes to power himself up into Galvatron , Starscream attempted to repeat the process on himself, and had Ravage steal a sack of cubes for him.

Before he could put them to use, however, he was ambushed by Cheetor , who defeated him and reclaimed the cubes. Seething over his own inability to obtain the power Galvatron wielded, Starscream thought his chance to lead had finally come when a team of Autobots arrive and collapsed the volcano on top of Galvatron.

His gloating was short lived, however, as Galvatron burst out from under the rubble, and, entirely unaware that a fight had even gone on, began berating Starscream and Cyclonus for being lazy idiots.

When Ratchet was trying to take a human girl to the hospital, Starscream arrived to take potshots at him. Ratchet's comrade Inferno blocked Starscream's shots, and the enabled Ratchet to escape by blinding Starscream with a blast from his water cannon.

Starscream was part of the Decepticons. When the ghost of Starscream from another universe met the native Megatron , he clarified that he was not the Starscream that Megatron was familiar with.

Starscream's New Body. Years ago on Cybertron, Starscream was a scientist and explorer. Together with his friend Skyfire , he embarked on a search for energy on other planets, but when the duo visited Earth, Skyfire was caught in a blizzard and frozen in ice.

Starscream subsequently returned to Cybertron and became a warrior, joining up with Megatron 's Decepticons. The Enemy from the Arctic Untold years later, when the legendary power source known as the Energon Cube was lost to the reaches of space, Starscream was among a small team of Decepticons who departed Cybertron in pursuit of it.

Optimus Prime and his Autobots had also followed the Cube to Earth, and so the Transformers' war continued in secret on this new world.

Kingdom of Giants. Eleven years after arriving on Earth, Starscream and Ramjet tracked Prime's Autobots to the human building known built over the Cube's impact crater called the Star Dome , and launched an attack.

Starscream was surprised to find a human boy, Wataru Hoshinoumi , caught in the middle of the conflict, but gave the fleshling little thought and aimed his gun to destroy it.

The human, however, had a protector: the littlest Autobot, Bumblebee came bursting out of nowhere to nail Starscream with a flying kick and save the boy.

The Transformers Starscream didn't take kindly to this insult upon his person, and pinned Bumblebee beneath his foot, but before he could finish him off, Wataru blinded the Air Commander with a fire extinguisher!

Unfortunately for Starscream, it was at that point that Megatron himself chose to arrive, and he violently berated Starscream for going behind his back, throttling him and using him as a shield to block Optimus Prime's fire.

By the time the ship arrived on Mars , it was damaged by Starscream's attack, but Dreadwing survived. However, Starscream also survived, revealed himself, and ripped out Dreadwing's spark core.

The Reign of Starscream 5. After Dreadwing's betrayal, Starscream relocated to Earth, his aspirations for leadership and his faith in his fellow Decepticons shattered.

As he brooded and carved AllSpark runes onto his exo-structure, he picked up a transmission from Barricade , informing Starscream of Optimus Prime's forthcoming journey to a Sector Seven facility where Wreckage was held.

Alliance 1 Starscream recorded a message chronicling Megatron's death, the destruction of the Cube and Wreckage's betrayal before he left Mars.

Soundwave found the message upon his return to Earth, and deemed it a suicide note. Convergence chapter 4. Starscream arrived on Earth not long after Wreckage escaped.

The two engaged in a heated battle, each accusing the other of betrayal. Wreckage managed to gain the upper hand, but the timely arrival of Bumblebee gave Starscream the chance to kill Wreckage.

He thanked Bumblebee by blasting him, but was contacted by Soundwave before he could finish the job. Shocked that Soundwave was still alive, Starscream left with renewed vigor, believing Soundwave held the key to making a new army.

Rendezvousing on Mars, Starscream informed Soundwave of Megatron's death and the AllSpark's loss, and was pleased when he was told a number of troops were headed for Earth, with more in stasis.

After receiving co-ordinates to Soundwave's ship, a more enthusiastic Starscream left for the Nemesis , aiming to bring the troops aboard out of stasis while Soundwave carried out " other orders ".

Alliance 2. Starscream came upon Sam and Bumblebee driving on the open road, and decided to strike while the pair were separated from their allies.

But Bumblebee grappled him as he swooped down, sending Starscream tumbling into a nearby river after crashing through some power lines. Starscream was then too focused on the Autobot to notice Sam taking a live wire, and sticking it into the water, electrocuting the Decepticon.

Damaged from the shock, Starscream decided to cut his losses and took off skywards. Transformers: Bumblebee. At the Decepticon camp in Namibia, Megatron made it very clear to Starscream, by way of a beating, that he did not appreciate being told how to do his job.

Tired of endlessly submitting to the Decepticon leader, Starscream snapped, and flew off with the intention of starting his own "New Decepticon Empire.

When he detected a Cybertronian energy signature, Starscream pursued and saw a shape plummet into the sea next to a pier-side amusement park.

The shape was Space Case , who, tired of "bein' pushed around," immediately attacked Starscream, punching him into a Ferris wheel.

Starscream hauled himself up and opened fire on Space Case, but quickly realized the identity of the rogue Decepticon. Knowing that Space Case was stupid enough to be manipulated, Starscream began to lay on the compliments, hoping to recruit him as the first soldier in his new army.

With his promised reward for Space Case's loyalty being the Earth , he eventually succeeded, and as the sun set, they walked away from the ruined pier, Starscream now having found a partner who would listen to his thoughts, for once.

Transformers: Starscream. Starscream set up a base of operations in a junkyard on the outskirts of Mexico City. However, the Decepticon known as Shockwave appeared with Ruination and Deadlift at shooting range, explaining that he found the base by picking up Divebomb 's trail.

Deadlift stood up for the commander, but was blown to bits by the Decepticon assassin. Shockwave then informed Starscream that his presence was requested by Megatron.

Rising Storm 1 After learning that a Decepticon Intelligence unit, called Brains , had escaped to Sam Witwicky, Starscream rallied a group of Decepticons and attacked his college.

Rising Storm 2 Things didn't bode well for the Decepticons when Autobot reinforcements arrived. Starscream was able to retreat with the help of Shockwave and his pet.

When the Decepticons returned to Namibia, Starscream complained to their leader. Rising Storm 3 Rising Storm 4. Starscream led the Decepticons to Earth while following the beacon signal used by Bumblebee to call the Autobots.

In typical Starscream fashion, he seemed more concerned about collecting the AllSpark to further his own goals than to rescue Lord High Protector Megatron.

Attracting the attention of a nearby military installation, they were attacked, but easily overpowered the humans, after which he and Blackout took their alternate modes from vehicles on base.

Starscream, along with Blackout, followed Bumblebee as he fled from a losing battle against Barricade. Later, when Sector Seven tried to use a false energy signature to attract Bumblebee to their location, the Decepticons picked up on it and followed.

Realizing the signal was fake, Starscream pulled the troops out and waited for the Autobots to arrive and flush out the AllSpark for them. Transformers: Beginnings.

Within seconds of Megatron's defeat, Starscream dubbed himself the new Decepticon leader, with the main problem being that he didn't actually have any troops to lead.

To amend this slight impediment, he attacked several AllSpark Mutations and removed the energy from their bodies, which he then proceeded to implant into the corpses of Blackout , Barricade and Devastator.

With his former comrades reanimated in this rudimentary manner , he directed the shambling husks to attack the Autobots, who were still recovering from their battle that had just finished.

While the Autobots eventually destroyed the zombies, Starscream had escaped with several AllSpark energy fragments still in his possession.

Starscream's Militia. Unfortunately for his ambitions, he quickly found himself as one of The Fallen 's proxies and was not too happy with the idea of working for another guy again.

He organised his the Fallen's Decepticon army and took them to Cybertron on the Fallen's orders. Unfortunately he was spied on by two Autobots , and failed to exterminate them before they fled to Earth.

Training Day News of this made the Fallen very unhappy , who ordered Starscream to remain on Cybertron and not fail again.

After the Twins' bumbling on Earth, they were suspected of being double agents and were to be sent into orbitary exile. Soundwave ordered Starscream to take out the Twins' military escort in an effort to make them defect.

Outlaw Blues. Later, after the Decepticons had captured the lost Ransack , Starscream sat in on Soundwave's interrogation of the old fogey.

However, Ransack refused to tell them, and Starscream had to step in to stop an angry Soundwave from killing the guy. He volunteered to interrogate the ancient Seeker himself, but Ransack found the whole thing laughable: he knew the Decepticons were operating their own agenda while the Fallen was incapacitated, but they'd soon learn their freedom was just an illusion.

A few seconds later, the twins arrived to bust the base up. Starscream and Soundwave soon put an end to that , and Starscream gleefully prepared to exterminate Mudflap at long last Whoops, that gave Ransack the chance to shoot Starscream in the back and leg it!

Desperate to keep the Fallen from knowing they'd been up to anything, Starscream and the other 'Cons chased after the Seeker.

After the Fallen was dead but a resurrected Megatron AWOL, Starscream wanted to create his own Decepticon army and assumed there had to be some Energon sources and artifacts still on Earth to enable this: after all, why else would the Autobots stay?

He tore through Peru 's Amazon rainforest looking for Energon and, in the process, a local tribe began worshipping him and erecting statues in his honour.

He briefly thought about recruiting them. To cover his retreat, he set fire to the rainforest so the Autobots would have to put it out rather than follow him.

The Kingdom of Starscream. When Megatron began his plot to awaken Sentinel Prime , Starscream and Soundwave teamed up to stop it happening by keeping the Autobots in the dark about the Ark.

To that end, Starscream tried to keep an Ark fragment in Fiesole out of the Autobots' hands. By the time he made his way to its location however, the Autobots were already there.

Starscream managed to knock Sideswipe out of the fight preemptively with a sneak attack, and after a brief scuffle, collapsed a section of the Fiesole Cathedral atop of Optimus and Bumblebee.

Starscream then snatched up the ship fragment and made his escape. Fight for Fiesole. While Barricade grappled with Ironhide, Starscream decided the whole affair was taking too long, and threw a tanker truck at Ratchet and some humans.

Ironhide dealt with the tanker, but was caught in the explosion, leaving himself open for Starscream and Barricade to finish him off.

That was when the two Decepticons were mobbed by the human protesters and Optimus Prime turned up. They departed with alacrity. Automatic for the People.

In another timeline where Megatron won the battle of Mission City, Starscream remained on Earth serving under Megatron—and taking orders from Dropkick , who's got a higher rank.

In secret, however, he was using Insecticons to implant cerebro-strips in the heads of useful humans; at will, he could control their minds, paving the way for a more subtle conquest when he finally got Megatron out of the way.

Aftermath Part 1. He became aware of the moon-based Autobots and while ordered to join Dreadwing in beating up NATO , Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 1 he got bored during the mission and left as soon as he could to attack the moon-based Autobots.

Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 2 He beat them up and viciously taunted them, forcing them to take the initiative and go to Earth—just as he wanted.

Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 4. On top of that, he got his hands on the nanovirus the Autobots used on Megatron. He started hearing Megatron's voice in his head some time after this The Decepticon Who Haunted Himself.

One of his first acts as leader was to begin a bombing campaign against any human attempt to rebuild infrastructure or regain a foothold in the United States.

He then organised an attack that would get all the Autobots together so a NATO tank regiment its commander under cerebro-strip control could wipe them all out.

Aftermath Part 1 While this failed, Starscream has still ensured the new President of the United States is under cerebro control—and the Autobots have no idea he's in command Aftermath Part 2.

As well as secretly overseeing scorched-earth strategies and attempted Energon grabs, Dark Spark he also gained Mikaela Banes as a cerebro-controlled slave.

Return to Cybertron: Part 2 When the bulk of the Autobots prepared to briefly leave Earth and had Mikaela watch over their Savannah base, Starscream just waited until they'd gone and effortlessly seized the place.

Return to Cybertron: Part 3 As a result, the six hundred square miles around the Autobot base were swiftly seized as an autonomous Decepticon nation, with all resistance smashed easily.

Return to Cybertron: Part 4 This means, shockingly, he actually is a better leader than Megatron. He sadistically taunted Mikaela, hoping there was part of her that was screaming for help, before dispatching the corrupted Jazz and Kullt to assassinate Optimus.

It didn't work. Hard Target. While preparing an ambush for the Autobots who he knew would come for Mikaela, he ranted to the Megatron in his head how he'd been a far better leader and how he was about to kill all the Autobots.

His ambush almost worked too, and he almost killed Prime himself—only for the Autobots to turn out to have had a better plan all along, and escape.

Admitting to the voices that he had failed and demanding a strategy from then, he realised to his horror that Megatron's mind had wanted him to take the interface module and had downloaded his brain into it; The voice really was Megatron and he was demanding to be released!

He didn't release him, though Megatron did feed Starscream a strategy—blackmailing America into booting the Autobots out, then having Allen nuke their ship.

This plan was a success, Revolution Part 1 and a jubilant Starscream despatched his armies to seize the United States, all the while having his mind-controlled humans hamper any military counter-offensive.

He was this close to total victory when Stockade turned up, turning a third of the drone armies and possibly two generals to his side, sparking a Decepticon Civil War.

Watching everything collapse around him, a gibbering Starscream was visited by Megatron's voice again, telling him once again that the only way out was to release him and allow Megatron to live again Revolution Part 2.

With his mind now his own again, he realised to his horror what he'd done It all was for naught, however: the Autobots surprisingly not dead!

Revolution Part Three. As of issue 7, he ran the letters page renamed Star Screams from the original Mech Mail. He hated the letters, the readers, the comic, the editorial team, and probably the baby Jesus —but he's still had nothing on Armada Starscream's letter-answering stint.

The source of his misanthropy appeared to be that nobody ever sent in fan-art of him 8. The few things he did like were recycling and environmental measures 14 , girls becoming Transformers fans 19 , and humans collecting his action figures.

Autobot sympathisers were hunted down to be exterminated, especially those who dress up as Autobots 8, 12 and 17 , and even the Prime Minister wasn't safe That said, Starscream appeared to have a soft spot for his own fans—in 11, when a female reader complained her mum and aunt kept telling her she was too old for Transformers, he announced that the offending relatives had been shortlisted to spend forever polishing his armour with their own spit, bless.

In 8, he revealed he hated the movie because his best scenes and lines were cut out, and 13 confirmed the Decepticon army loathed Michael Bay for producing pro-Autobot propaganda.

This still hadn't prevented him from shilling Bay's second documentary Revenge of the Fallen , as he believed it would depict a Decepticon victory 10 and was going to ignore the script if it said otherwise Since then, however, he had come under the sway of an unknown higher power in regards to the film, one Starscream feared In 7, he expressed concern that this " Fur-Man " was a Maximal agent, and warned that Titan Magazines would be destroyed if they continued to produce Autobot propaganda.

By 13, the Decepticons appeared to have taken over Titan and had imprisoned the staff and creators in cages, forcing them to work merely for food—it was surely no coincidence that during this period, Starscream became a successful leader of the Decepticons in the comic strip and that Starscream began wanting more issues brought out.

This mistreatment was causing severe physical trauma to Steve White and Den Patrick 19 though Fur-Man was still a free agent and was evading Decepticon capture Writer Robin Etherington appeared to have angered him, as Starscream was believed to have deliberately miscredited one of his stories in He had incredible hate for Jazz , gleefully recounting the guy's horrible death and going berserk in 9 at the idea of Jazz answering the letters.

While he had said he talked to himself to get intelligent conversation and didn't trust anyone 9 , he had shown some signs of wanting company: he hoped the Seeker jets would all be reunited in the next film 9 , was trying to convince Soundwave to be in it too 15 , and wished Ironhide would join the Decepticons Despite wanting to re-unite with Thundercracker, he showed contempt for the guy's lack of drive He viewed Shockwave and Soundwave as potential successors if anything ever happened to him He also appreciated Blackout 's work 23 and while he was annoyed the helicopter was more popular than him, he did go to the trouble of giving the guy a proper burial.

Starscream appeared to have had several "off the record" adventures. He revealed he once had an F mode and liked it 9 , openly confirming he was active in and the impetus for the Hungry Dragon cover-up.

He also referred to Thundercracker also being an F 11 , implying both were active in He also had some experience with and knowledge of Unicron 12 , something no other Transformer had and something that terrified him 17 , and in which he apparently witnessed Unicron trying to devour Cybertron He maintains that his voice was not scratchy in any way.

Eventually, however, the constant stress of the letters drove him to a nervous breakdown, and he was sent to a very special home or "on a mission of great importance", according to his cover story.

He still produceed a regular horrorscope. Fleeing from the Mission City fiasco, Starscream altered his form so he could hide from the Autobots and humans alike.

After a brief period of scheming Starscream Target Exclusive he repaired and reenergised himself from a nearby power plant, then fled into deep space to find Decepticon reinforcements.

Deep Space Starscream. He eventually decided this was too time-consuming, and went back to Earth in a new stealthy form to wait for the Decepticons, alerted by the energy signature of the AllSpark's destruction, to come to him.

While Optimus and Arcee tried to hunt him down, he remained free and succeeded in building a small army, and had them distract the Autobot forces while he launched a surprise attack on a lone Optimus.

Fire Blast Optimus Prime. Going back into space again, he came back with an army from Cybertron and proudly bearing the marks won during his reign there.

Voyager Starscream. Following the battle with The Fallen in Egypt, Optimus made a particular point of tracking down Starscream.

Starscream's Assault Starscream, for his part, decided to pick on an easy target and went after the non-flying Smokescreen Starscream vs.

Plotting to find any other relics or even AllSpark fragments, Starscream had tattoos done that were packed with superconductive materials and symbiotic nano-machines to enhance his sensors, as well as extend his range and power in the air.

A character from Transformers. Starscream is a sky commander, and transforms into a F eagle. G1 Starscream wishes someday to overthrow Megatron the leader of the Decepticons and become the leader of the Decepticons and take over the universe.

Though, every time Starscream tries, he never succeeds. The rest of the Seekers are Thundercracker and Skywarp. Instead of being the leader of the Decepticons, he does lead the rest of the Seekers.

The Seekers are Decepticons that all share the same Jet mode, but their color schemes are different. In the Animated series, Starscream has the ability to clone himself.

He has used some of his clones to trick the Autobots by tricking them into capturing the clone Starscreams, and not the actual Starscream.

In the same act, one of the clones was a bomb set to blow up when Megatron was there.. All of his clones represent parts of starscreams personality.

They also have different color schemes: Ramjet - Lier Slipstream - Impatient intelligience is what I'm guessing, if not, Starscream's bitch side , lmao.

Skywarp - Coward Sunstorm - Suck up This is why he's Megatron's bitch Thundercracker - Ego maniac Why he still tries to overthrow Megatron after 5 seconds of being ass-kicked by Megatron Thrust - Jealousy That pretty much sums up Starscream's personality.

Starscream is the leader of the Seekers. The sexiest Transformer you will ever meet. Second-in-command for the Decepticons , making him even sexier than before.

Robots in Disguise. Beendete Angebote. Rücknahme akzeptiert. Anzeigen: Listenansicht. Lieferzeit Ted 2 Streaming. Zur Kategorie Actionfiguren. Versandkostenfreie Lieferung innerhalb Deutschland!

Starscream Video

Transformers Movies: Starscream Compilation What a Der Glücksbringer Stream reunion. He was later seen preening in front of a mirror to the Comedy Mit Karsten of Ironhide and Bumblebee, who were spying on him when Predaking Doctor Who Season 10 Stream by in dragon mode and smashed into him, scattering his pieces. Convincing the Insecticon Starscream relay his findings to him, Starscream saw the Sun-Pak as an opportunity to take control of the Decepticons from Megatron. After the Chaos War, he placed himself as a repentant soul, trying to do his best to help the vastly-expanded neutral population on a reborn Cybertron. The Autobots stepped in next to confront Starscream, though their combined efforts did little more than enrage the Alexandra Neldel Sex Decepticon. Years ago on Cybertron, Starscream was a scientist and explorer. Ironhide dealt with the tanker, but was caught in the explosion, leaving himself open for Starscream Mütter Mafia Film Barricade to finish him off. Megatron was subsequently defeated by the Alternity when Thundercracker freed the Planicrons from his control, and Starscream's ghost appeared before his fellow Questor after the battle was done to taunt him with the fact he would never be forgiven for his betrayal. After killing Bumblebee, Starscream took the AllSpark, killing Megatron loyalist Blackout and Barricade, and battled Megatron Twins Film his disillusioned apprentice. He briefly hunted the Autobots in an effort to destroy the Matrix of Tvnow:Debut later turned against his benefactor when Unicron devoured one of Cybertron's moons, which Starscream saw as his own.



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